Art & Pre-Press

Sending your artwork to Landmark Label

You may attach your file to an email and submit it to your client service representative. Our general client service email is:

In addition to the disk, please provide a printout of your artwork complete with your company name. The name of the file(s) and person requesting the label should be included.

If your file(s) are larger than 5 MB
It is suggested that you send your files on CD/DVD or upload directly to our website. To ensure complete file transfer, please compress all files.

Our web based solution is easy to use and allows you to
send files without the need for special FTP software.

1) Using your web browser, go to:

2) At the prompt, enter the login and password that you received from your representative.

3) Upload your file(s)

If you are having problems uploading files to Landmark, call (510) 651.5551 and your client services representative will be happy to assist you.

Landmark Label accepts file formats for both Mac and PC.
Adobe Illustrator® is used to create production files from your artwork.

ApplicationsFile Formats
Adobe Illustrator®
Adobe Photoshop®
If using the applications below
save as PDF or EPS
File formats below should be CMYK and 300 DPI min.
Adobe inDesign®

Art Checklist

When submitting artwork, it is essential to include all of the following elements upon first submission to insure effective turn-around.


Landmark will need all fonts used in your label art. If you are sending postscript fonts, please be sure to provide both screen and printer fonts. Do not forget to include all fonts used in graphic files placed in your art. If you are unable to provide us with the fonts, you will need to convert all text to outlines, curves or paths.

Remember, once the copy has been converted to outlines, we will no longer have the ability to edit the text on your label.

When creating reverse labels (white or light type on a dark background), please make sure the type, especially the ®’s and ©’s, are sufficient to print.

Please make sure you include all the source files (minimum of 300 dpi) used in creating your label, even if you have embedded it in the final art.

All lines need to be 1/2 point minimum. If your original art is to be scaled down, be sure the rules are large enough to be at least 1/2 point after reduction. If you are using the rules on a reverse label, we prefer the rules to be 1 point, to keep from filling in when your label is printed.

All colors should be defined as process or spot colors. Please convert all RGB colors to CMYK before submitting your art.

It is highly recommended the minimum screen be 5%. If it is below 5%, the gradient may not reproduce correctly, resulting in an undesirable finished product.